Deck Brights’ Professional 5-Step Restoration Process

Since 1990, Deck Bright has stained over 10,000 decks. We have taken that experience and developed a restoration process that leads the industry. Many companies have copied some of our steps but no one matches our combination of thoroughness and professional product lines.

Step 1

Step 1 - Stripper ApplicationIncluded surfaces will be pretreated with Pro Strip, our line of specialized stripping agents, formulated to break down any pre-existing stain or sealer. All surfaces will then be gently washed using a high volume pressure washer to rinse away the stripping agent and attempt to remove as much of the old stain or sealer as possible. Depending on the existing product it may be necessary to repeat this step.

Step 2

Step 2 - BrighteningApplication of Pro Bright, our brightening & neutralizing agent, designed to equal out the PH factor in the wood after the stripping process and bring back the natural beauty of the wood. All surfaces will be rinsed a 2nd time using a high volume pressure washer.

Step 3

Step 3 - Mold TreatmentAll surfaces will then be treated with Pro Mold Cleaner to attack any remaining mold spores hidden within the grain of the wood. All surfaces will be rinsed for a third time to ensure the removal of all of our proprietary cleaning and stripping products.

After our signature “Triple Wash Process” the wood will be allowed to dry completely prior to the return of one of our professional stain teams.

Step 4

Step 4 - SandingAfter setting any protruding nails or screws flush with the deck floor, our team will thoroughly sand all deck surfaces to remove any raised grain and attempt to sand off any remaining pre-existing stain or sealer that survived the cleaning & stripping process.

Step 5

Step 5 - Stain ApplicationApplication of Deck Bright’s penetrating, 100% oil based, semi-transparent stain. Stain will be sprayed on for an even application and back brushed to work the stain into the grain of the wood. By spraying, the stain gets into areas brushing alone is unable to reach. High traffic areas, such as Deck Floor, Steps, and Top Hand Rails (the “Flats”) will receive TWO COATS of stain applied wet on wet for additional protection.

Note: Rough sawn wood, such as deck skirting, fences, gazebos & pergolas will not be sanded.